Symptoms of Alzheimer

Alzheimer Symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia that could also be referred to as memory loss. People in the middle age or elderly are the most common sufferers of the disease. This one could not be cured, but could be treated and prevented from coming on in one’s early years of living.

This has different symptoms that might be taken into mind to identify if your loved one could be showing signs of having Alzheimer.


Signs and Symptoms

This type of disease could come up mild in the early days that it would not be noticed. However, as time goes by, everything would go worse that the everyday life would be interfered already.

Here are some of those signs and symptoms you could observe to people with the type of dementia:

  • Memory Lapses

→ this is often the very first sign of people having memory loss. Patients could just have forgotten events that would let them have the hard time to recall them.

→ Learning new information could also be as difficult as this is the time that their brain is already starting to disintegrate. With that, the part of the brain in charge of the memory called hippocampus is already damaged together with the specific part of the brain for learning.

→ People with memory lapse might also have the difficulty in recognizing people including those that are really close to them. Example, once the hippocampus is fully damaged, the person would really not recognize anyone in his or her lifetime including the ones that are close to them – their partner or child.

→ There could also be the difficulty in having the places recognized. Some people showing signs of early Alzheimer would experience getting lost on a familiar path. That is when they already lose their memory about the place in their brain.

  • Difficulty in Language

→ Conversations could be a struggle for people with Alzheimer as they would also lose their memory in recognizing the words or the actions in speaking the words.

  • Difficulty in Concentration and Planning things

→ Earlier signs of having this type of disease is the inability to make decisions. One could also fail to deal with solving their problems. For example, they might not be able to ring the bell when would be told to hit one when calling for somebody from the next room.

  • Confused of the date or could not stay track of the day.

→ people having this disease might always ask on the date as they could not figure it out already. Some of them might just think on what things they have done on that particular day.

  • Decreased Viscuospatial skills

→ this is when the patients would not be able to tell a fiction from a real thing as they would be seeing objects in three dimensional view.  They would also fail to calculate distance as they would try to judge what they see.

  • Misplace of Things

→ one of the most common things that would happen is misplacing objects. The patients might not know where they left their things. Sometimes, they might pick up the wrong things when trying to choose they would be using as of the moment.