Symptom Check

People could get unexpected diseases in no time if they are living in the wrong lifestyle. However, there could be some that are really uncontrollable because of their characteristics. Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, is just one of those as this could be carried along in the genetic information of your cells. Meaning, they could be in the lineage of the generation.

This could be caused by different factors that might just be environmental or hereditary. Sometimes, it could be caused by an existing disease that complicates. All types of people could get Alzheimer as they grow old. However, this one does not really choose victims by age. It would only come out as time goes.

The symptoms and signs would be really mild at first, but would worsen in time. Victims would have the loss of memory due to the degradation of the brain cells. Sometimes, symptoms might not be detected because of the mildness.

There are tests that would help in determining if one is showing the signs of dementia. First, there would be an interview for the patients if there have been some of the incidents that could match the symptoms.

The following are some of those tests that are used medically:


  • Test for Medical History

→ this would have the doctors ask several questions to help them determine if you have Alzheimer.


  • Diagnostic tests and Physical exams

→ this would have the patients get checked physically if there are factors that would eventually cause brain degradation and memory loss.


  • Neurological Exam

→ this is a test for the reflexes, coordination of muscle tone and strength, eye movement, speech, and sensation. This could also include brain imaging.


  • Blood test

→ this is used to look what’s beyond in the blood. Alzheimer could be passed through generations through the information in the genes. Knowing the matters in the blood would have the detection of dementia.


  • Genetic Testing / Apo E testing and Counseling

→ speaking of heredity, this one is to really get into the genetic level of the blood to get to check on the alleles that might be carrying the genetic information about having the disorder.


  • Self-Administered Geocognitive Examination (SAGE)

→ this is a test where you can do it yourself. There are tests available on the internet that would help the patients deal with suspicions having dementia. This is a cognitive screening to help detect earlier signs of Alzheimer. If suspicions are distinguished, medical attention is needed.


  • Test Your Memory (TYM)

→ This was made for people who live in England, and this would also have the results published in the British Medical Journal. This is a test that would give ten tasks to test the ability to recall, calculate, verbal fluency, semantic knowledge and others.


  • The Mini-cog test for Alzheimer or dementia

→ this is a three-minute test used to detect cognitive problems.


  • Alzheimer’s Clock Draw Test

→ in this test, you would be asked to draw a clock. This has been a useful tool to determine early stage of memory loss. This could also have the medical personnel know if you are just experiencing normal aging or Alzheimer’s disease.