Alzheimer’s disease is a mental deterioration where the brain cells are degenerating. This occurs in middle or adult age. This is a progressive disorder and is irreversible. Though, there were treatments for this that could help the patients get the medications they need. This could also be prevented in coming in an earlier age.

This is also the most common form of dementia and is also called as memory loss.


This type of disease is generally mild, but would get worse over time that it would already interfere with the daily routines.

  • Memory Lapses

→ this is when the person starts to fail to recall some important events in life. There could also be the difficulties in taking in new information; recognizing people and places; and failure to recognize a fact from fiction. This symptom occurs because of the damage of hippocampus, which is a part of the brain for memory.

  • Difficulty in Language

→ as the disease develops; the patient would struggle to follow conversations. They could also fail in repeating what they had been talking about.

  • Difficulty in Concentration and Planning things

→ patients could have the hard time in making decisions and solving problems or carrying out sequence of tasks.

  • Confused of the date or could not stay track of the day.
  • Decreased Viscuospatial skills

→this is a problem in judging the distance. Patients could also see objects in 3D or three dimensions. So, they would have the difficulty in knowing which one is real or fiction.

  • Misplace of Things

→ patients experience misplace of the items they are keeping. Sometimes, they would forget about it.


There are different factors that would lead to having Alzheimer’s disease. These could just be of the following information:

  • Genetics

→ the disease could be carried on to the generations through the genes. Meaning, it is already printed in one’s family lineage, and has been carrying it all the time. Some individuals might not express the genes as they could be recessive. In some case, they would just be surprised when it would come at a very old age.

  • Environment

→ aside from heredity, the disease could also be carried on around by the environment. This is because of the stress that one has been experiencing in his everyday life. The environment could also give other diseases that could have a part in giving one Alzheimer’s.

  • Health factors

→ there are some health conditions that would lead to the disease. An example is the metabolic disorder, diabetes. If the blood sugar level keeps on increasing, the nerve cells would be damaged and would lead to symptoms of the mental deterioration.

  • Lifestyle

→ a wrong lifestyle would always have one given those diseases that are, most of the time, lethal. Drugs and alcohol have chemical substances that would cause degeneration of brain cells.


There are several tests that would be given to you by medical personnel to check if you really have the disease. The procedures would be followed to get to distinguished if you have Alzheimer’s disease.